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What are the terms of my subscription?

Subscriptions are paid in advance with credit terms of net 28.  Subscriptions are automatically renewed until we receive written notice. Lack of payment is not considered a valid resignation. Balance invoices will be issued if the subscription is terminated due to a lack of payment.

A renewal invoice will be sent in due time before the renewal date.

Please note that the number of licenses (or accesses) is limited to the number of subscriptions on your account. Your username and password are personal and may not be shared by anyone else.

As a subscriber, you will receive letters and emails from us. The content of the communication will be service messages, offers, and newsletters with useful information regarding the subscription and products. We will treat contact details with confidentiality and not share details with any third-party supplier.

We reserve the right to make changes in the product as well as terms and conditions. Major changes will be notified in the paper and/or via email.

Our publications are distributed via first-class mail and subject to deadlines stated by the individual mail service companies. In many central locations, we offer hand delivery.

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